9 Reasons Why Eating Cheese Is Bad for You
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9 Reasons Why Eating Cheese Is Bad for You!

Cheese contains protein and calcium, which is beneficial for you. But cheese also contains high saturated fats and sodium, which is not good for you.  So, are you thinking about that you should eat cheese or not?

You need not worry because we are discussing the health benefits and some of the health risks of cheese and why cheese is bad for you in this blog. 

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Types of cheese

There are some types of cheese, such as:

  • Whole-milk cheese
  • Low-fat or reduced-fat cheese
  • Aged or mature cheese
  • Fresh cheese
  • Processed cheese 
  • Non-dairy cheese

9 reasons that cheese is bad for you

9 Reasons Why Eating Cheese Is Bad for You
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There are many reasons that cheese is bad for you and have some health risks. Some of the reasons are:

1.   High Saturated Fat

Cheese contains a lot of saturated fat, especially the cheese made in America. The high saturated fats are not healthy and can cause many serious health disorders like high cholesterol levels and heart strokes. 

Domino Pizza also contains high saturated fat, and after eating one slice of pizza, you will get 2/3 of daily fat in your body. 

2.   High salt and phosphorous ratio

Many of the cheeses available in the market contain a lot of sodium concentration. The high concentration of sodium in cheese is bad for your health, especially heart health

Some of the cheese also contains a high amount of phosphorous, and it is very harmful to the health of the kidneys. Accumulation of phosphorous in kidneys can cause kidney stones and also high blood pressure.

3.   High amount of calories

Cheese contains too many calories, and it is difficult to burn these calories with physical activities. To burn the calories, you have to do high-intensity and workouts for more time. 

You will get unhealthy fat and high cholesterol levels if you eat cheese on a regular basis. 

4.   Animal Enzymes

Many companies and manufacturers of cheese used to add an enzyme which comes from calves’ stomach and known as “rennet.” Manufacturers get this enzyme by killing the infant’s calves. 

 Cheese made from animal enzymes is not healthy for you as it contains many bacteria that cannot be ingested by the human body and ultimately can cause diseases. 

5.   Unhealthy Manufacturing 

Many manufacturers process the cheese in an unhealthy way, like they give the cows some hormones and the cows produce more milk. 

When humans eat the cheese made from that milk, they eat those hormones also which is not good for the health of humans. 

Many manufacturers also use infected machines and do not clean them properly, which can cause infections.

6.   Stomach problems and constipation

Eating cheese can cause many serious stomach diseases like bloating and gas. Cheese contains an enzyme known as lactose. If humans eat lactose more than the digestion capacity, then it can cause gastrointestinal disorders, and it is also called lactose intolerance. 

7.   High cholesterol and Migraines 

Cheese contains a high amount of bad cholesterol, and it can cause many serious diseases. 

Migraine and headaches are also connected to the high consumption of cheese. Dairy foods contain tyramine, and it triggers headaches and migraines. 

8.   Mold

Many manufacturers spray on molds which makes the white rind. Some of the molds contain cheese also. It is not healthy to consume it. 

9.   Harmful for kids

You thought that cheese contains milk and is beneficial for our kids to build strong bones. But it is not true; consuming cheese can cause many health problems to kids like diabetes. It can also cause serious ear problems. So, it is not a good idea to give cheese to your children. 

Health benefits of eating cheese 

Health benefits of eating cheese
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Dairy products, if manufactured properly, have many health benefits as they provide calcium and essential nutrients. Some of the reasons why cheese is good for you are:

1.   Dental Health

Cheese can promote dental health. Cheese contains calcium which plays an essential role in tooth formation. 

According to research and studies, cheese is used to increase the pH levels in dental plaque and protect the teeth against cavities and tooth decays. 

Yogurt, which contains no milk and sugar, is not effective as cheese because it contains milk. 

2.   Blood vessels

Cheese is a good source of antioxidants and glutathione. Anti-oxidant is essential for brain health. It also prevents aging. 

According to research and studies in 2016, researchers have found that antioxidants present in cheese protect the negative effects of sodium for the short-term only. 

In another study, researchers have found that cheese is used to make the blood vessels better. 

3.   Cholesterol and gut microbiota

Cheese is a fermented food, so it can help you to produce more healthy gut bacteria, which involves many essential roles of the human body. 

According to studies in 2015, cheese can also promote good cholesterol levels in the human body for the short term. If you consume too much cheese, then it can be bad for you. Excess of everything is bad, so you should take only a limited amount of cheese. 

4.   Omega-3 fatty acids

Cows who eat good food and grass produce healthy milk, and cheese made from that milk is very healthy for you. It contains omega 3 fatty acids and can help to decrease heart diseases and promote the health of the brain. 

5.   Prevent different diseases

Cheese consists of sphingolipids and linoleic acid. These lipids are used to prevent cancer. Eating the recommended amount of cheese on a daily basis can give you many health benefits. 

Cheese contains essential vitamins, which perform many essential functions in the human body, like protecting you from different diseases. 


There is no doubt that cheese is a source of vitamins and calcium and gives you many health benefits, but on the other hand, it also has some disadvantages. 

You should consume the cheese moderately, and also, you should ask healthcare professionals that whether you can consume dairy products or not. 

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