30 Trendy Short Hairstyles For Girls
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30 Trendy Short Hairstyles For Girls!

Short hairstyles for girls are styled between a pixie and bob cut. Girls prefer short hair to create an appearance of thicker hair. There are many famous trendy short hairstyles for girls. The hairstyles can be edgy cropped cut, layers, lob, pixies, or bob cut. 

If you want a short haircut, then you should find perfect hairstyle trends and, in this blog, you will find 30 trendy short hairstyles for girls

Let’s have a look and change the hairstyle.

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30 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Girls

1.  Pixie With Long Bangs

Pixie With Long Bangs
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Source: @hair_by_vanessaconnett

Those girls who have fine hair and hair density in the front of the head, which draws attention then they should choose a pixie with long bangs hairstyle.

2.  Classic Pixie

Classic Pixie
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Source: @thecutlife

Women who are more than 50 years old should try a classic short pixie hairstyle. This hairstyle will be prominent in the face features of the women, and it is the best daily life hairstyle. 

3. Spiked Pixie

Spiked Pixie
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Source: @leelafelise

If you want to change your look in a fun way, then you should try a spiked pixie hairstyle. This hairstyle will allow you to change your look every day by brushing and fall the hair naturally. 

4. Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie
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Source: @raquelsmx

It is a very famous hairstyle among girls who want short hairstyles. Textured pixie is a very easy but well-known hairstyle. 

5. Mussed-Up Pixie

Mussed-Up Pixie
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Source: @kurzehaare

A mussed-up pixie will give you a cool look. You can sleek your hair with a straightener, or you can also do a finger comb to give a mussed look. 

6. Edgy Pixie

Edgy Pixie
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Source: @cabelocurtooficial

No matter what is your age, you can choose this short hairstyle. It will give you a modern but classic look with complementary accessories. 

7. Wavy Pixie

Wavy Pixie
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Source: @notyourmanicpixiedreamcurl

Girls who have curly hair but want a short hairstyle cut then they should try wavy pixie. With this hairstyle, girls will rid of heavyweight hair and curls and will get a cool and glam look.

8. Short and Subtle Layered Cut

Short and Subtle Layered Cut
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Source: @ants_hairstyling

This hairstyle will give layers and dimension to older women. This hairstyle will give velvety texture and a lot of layers which will give a prominent look to cheekbones and eyes.  

9. Cropped Curls

Cropped Curls
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Source: thefashionspot

This short hairstyle will give a youthful look, and any girl can try this look because it will give every girl a glam look.

10. Long Pixie

Long Pixie
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Source: @ambermcmahen

Long pixie is a trendy hairstyle for girls who want a short hairstyle. It will give long layers, and you can also color the layers according to your choice. 

11. High-Volume, Wavy Bob

High-Volume, Wavy Bob
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Source: @colorcutcollective

If you have thick and high-volume hair, then you should go for a bob haircut. It will give you a high-volume and wavy hair look.

12. Side-Part Bob

Side-Part Bob
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Source: @hairbykatiekathleen

A side-part bob short hairstyle cannot be ignored. You can also add bangs on the front side, and it will give a modern look. 

13. Long Bob

Long Bob
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Source: @gabriellvalim1

Long Bob is a trendy short hairstyle, and it is also called lob. Girls who want to grow their hair later then the girls should go for this hairstyle. 

14. Straight Lob

Straight Lob
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Source: @scarlethair_

Straight lob will give your hair the same length bangs and a sleeker look. It will give you a fun and youthful look. 

15. Puffed-Up Lob

Puffed-Up Lob
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Source: @saulinosmithsalon

Sleek lob was very famous, but then the new version of it comes, which is known as puffed-up Lob. If you want a fresh look with this hairstyle, then blow dry your hair and then straighten the hair. 

16.  Beachy Lob

Beachy Lob
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Source: @sarahashleystyles

If you want a fun and casual hairstyle with a short hairstyle, then add beachy layers to your hair. You can add curls also that will give your hair a natural beachy look. 

17. Middle-Parted, and Shoulder-Length Cut

Middle-Parted, and Shoulder-Length Cut
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Source: @nicciphilipshairdressing

Shoulder length cut is very famous in short hairstyles. A short length cut with middle-parted will highlight your face cut and give you a glam look.

18. Short Cut with Choppy Layers

Short Cut with Choppy Layers
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Source: @monicaprusa

If you want volume and movement both in your hairstyle, then you should try a short cut with choppy layers. 

19. Face-Framing Curls

Face-Framing Curls
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Source: @thecurlsupplier

Face framing curls hairstyle will give the hair loose waves. You should apply the serum before heat styling to protect your hair and curls. 

20. Mid-Length Springy Curl

Mid-Length Springy Curl
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Source: @curlycyn_

A mid-length springy curl hairstyle will give a youthful and girlish vibe. This hairstyle will define the curls.

21. Old-Hollywood Glamour

Old-Hollywood Glamour
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Source: @the.prima.donna.reed

Old-Hollywood glamour is a trendy short hairstyle from ancient times. Soft waves and inward bang curls will give you a classic look.

22. Messy Curls

Messy Curls
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Source: @frizerski_studio_exkluziv

Messy curl is a famous hairstyle if a girl protects the hair with the right products and styling. 

23. Shoulder-Length Curly Bob

Shoulder-Length Curly Bob
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Source: @sofiaelhaj

Shoulder length curly bob is a versatile and low maintenance style. You can make a bun with curls or if you want to wash the hair, then make them loose and free. 

24. Colorful and Curly Pixie

Colorful and Curly Pixie
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Source: @brennagraveshair

A curly pixie with colorful layers will give you a lighthearted vibe. You can use a gel or cream for curls which will highlight the curls. 

25. Side-Parted Bob

Side-Parted Bob
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Source: @beauteparjay

If you are too lazy and do not want to do maintenance of your hair on a regular basis, then you can try a side-parted bob. You can do the styling of your choice and make the style according to the occasions. 

26. Short Bowl Cut

Short Bowl Cut
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Source: @authentic_hairdesign_bielefeld

A short bowl cut will give you a flawless look. You can apply serum to give a smooth look. 

27. Split-Bang Lob

Split-Bang Lob
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Source: @brianaguilarhair

Split-Bang Lob is a fun way to change your hairstyle. If you want to give a high-volume look, then you can add light in weight mousse in the middle to make the hairstyle modern.

28. Shoulder-Length High-Volume Waves

Shoulder-Length High-Volume Waves
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Source: jeanlouisdavid

This is a trendy short hairstyle for girls who want a glamorous look. Girls can make as many layers as they want, which will give their hair a high-volume look. 

29. Sassy, and Shaggy Bob

Sassy, and Shaggy Bob
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Source: @timm.morrison

Shaggy and sassy bob is a messy look, and it is a low maintenance hairstyle. If you have straight hair, then you can use a curling iron to make shaggy curls. 

30. Shoulder-Length Cornrows

Shoulder-Length Cornrows
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Source: @sandybeautyhair

Every girl wants a hairstyle that is trendy and does not require much effort. Shoulder length cornrows are one of the famous hairstyles. It will give you a natural curly look and a carefree vibe. 


Hairstyle defines the personalities of the girls, so every girl wants a classic and modern hairstyle look that will define their personality. Girls who want short hairstyles should try these 30 trendy short hairstyles.

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