Top 30 Best Curly Hairstyles for Girls
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Top 30 Best Curly Hairstyles for Girls!

Long curly locks are by far one of the most adventurous hair types that can be styled in unique ways. If you feel like your curls are weighing you down, then it’s time that we prove you wrong so that you finally embrace them. You actually own the most versatile hair that can look extremely gorgeous.

So, here we bring the best curly hairstyles for girls.

1. Pixie cut

Pixie cut
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Source: thetrendspotter

A voluminous pixie cut offers the perfect retro vibe. It looks super cool and enhances all your features. Make sure to rock it with a unique and attractive attire.

2. Tight ringlet afro

Tight ringlet afro
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Source: thetrendspotter

Right ringlets give off an attitude that attracts all gazes towards it. Show it off, lose the way you want. However, if you want to stay beware of their overpowering impact, then chop them off in a short afro cut.

3. Shoulder length cut and bangs

Shoulder length cut and bangs
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Source: @salsalhair

Drop your curls at the length of your shoulder to add a stylish touch to it. Add the effect of bangs for a more contemporary look.

4. Curly bangs

Curly bangs
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Source: byrdie

There’s nothing that can go wrong with curly bangs. While you chop them, keep in mind to cut them dry as hair always shrinks if you cut them wet, which might lead you to shed off more hair than you intended.

5. Curly bob with side bangs

Curly bob with side bangs
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Source: allthingshair

Curly bobs with side bangs can never go out of style. Wear them loose, and you’re guaranteed to flatter everyone around you.

6. Mid-length hairstyle with curly bangs

Mid-length hairstyle with curly bangs
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Source: allthingshair

Wear your locks in a mid-length cut with fringes. Just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you have to shy away from the fringe.

7. Medium U cut

Medium U cut
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Source: allthingshair

Instead of going for a basic one-length cut, go for a U cut and show off your curls beautifully. This curly girl hairstyle will definitely make you fall in love with your hair.

8. Medium brunette shag

Medium brunette shag
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Source: @stylesbysam

Add some variation to your length and thickness with a shag cut. This is one of the best curly girl hairstyles in terms of versatility.

9. Collarbone curly hairstyle and bangs

Collarbone curly hairstyle and bangs
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Source: @salsalhair

A collarbone length cut is an excellent length for pretty curly hair. This is one of the best hairstyles for curly hair as it helps you shine just the way you should.

10. Short lob

Short lob
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Source: thetrendspotter

Cut your hair into a short lob and allow your curls to rock their way through. Adding a blunt or bangs to the cut will make it even more fresh and youthful.

11. Short vintage curls

 Short vintage curls
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Source: bellatory

Tight curls in a bob cut radiated the ethereal vintage vibe, giving off all the aesthetics and glam you want. Wear them with red lipstick, and this curly girl hairstyle will become your favourite.

12. Short voluminous curls

Short voluminous curls
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Source: @sazan

Volume curls in a short hair that is parted from the side are the kind of a show-stealer. The style works perfectly for all occasions; whether you’re going for a date or office, it works for all.

13. Shaved side with short hair

Short voluminous curls
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Source: toptrendsguide

If you’re looking for something different, cool and attractive, then this curly girl hairstyle is totally for you. You can shave one or both sides of your head with a certain length of hair in the middle. Your curls will be no less than an explosion here.

14. Updo for curly hair

Updo for curly hair
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Source: naturallycurly

Tie your hair up in a bun at the back of your head, and it will give you an amazing look. Your curly strands will fall out of place to give a naturally messy look which is actually super attractive.

15. Half-up top knot

Half-up top knot
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Source: theunstitchd

Tie your gorgeous hair in a bun up your head and let a few strands hang at the sides. This is one of the best curly hairstyles for girls as it’s easy to make and to captivate.

16. Crown braid

Crown braid
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Source: allthingshair

Crown braids can never go wrong with your look. Style your curls in a crown and wear it like a queen.

17. French braids

French braids
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Source: Katie Friedman

If you want a curly girl hairstyle that stays out of your face but not in a regular ponytail, then a french braid is a classic hairdo for you.

18. Temple shave with short curls

Temple shave with short curls
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Source: thetrendspotter

If you’re looking for a more bold and edgy look for your hairstyle, then chop your hair short and shave the temples, and you’re good to go.

19. Messy curly bob

Messy curly bob
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Source: @heather_hall_curlwhisperer

Wear your bob naturally. The best thing about curly hair is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to look good. So, this hairstyle for curly hair looks great just the way it is.

20. Platinum curly bob

Platinum curly bob
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Source: hairstyleology

Change your hair colour to savour the unique look you desire. The platinum colour will give off an amazing appearance.

21. Slick top with low pony

Slick top with low pony
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Source: elle

Middle part your hair with a slick top and tie them up in a low ponytail. This gives a perfect party look.

22. Twisted bob

Twisted bob
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Source: @ijelalacrochet

Break out of the ordinary and try out twists within your short curly hair. The look can shift from adorable to toasty within no time.

23. Black bob with babylights

Black bob with babylights
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Source: allthingshair

Add up some babylights to your hair to render a more refined look. If you’re looking for easy-going hairstyles for curly hair, then this is a perfect choice.

24. Brushed back pixie

Brushed back pixie
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Source: allthingshair

Brushback all your ringlets and enjoy this effortless look. This one is a great curly girl hairstyle, which keeps you from the hassle of dealing with curls.

25. Pinned up curls

Pinned up curls
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Source: allthingshair

Whether your locks are long or short, they’re guaranteed to look fabulous being pinned up. Fix up a few bobby pins and let your fountain of curls amaze people.

26. Messy curly crop

Messy curly crop
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Source: @stylesprinter

This hairstyle for curly hair is one that falls between a pixie cut and bob. Instead of stressing over the decision making, go halfway and enjoy the benefits of both.

27. Curly bob with a side braid

Curly bob with a side braid
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Source: @dreamdry

Side braids look excellent with long locks, but you don’t have to miss out on all the beautiful braids even if you have short hair. Work around your short hair with a side braid and enjoy the look.

28. Buzzcut

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Source: thetrendspotter

Buzzcut isn’t just for men. If your curls are just too difficult to handle, go for a buzz cut and flaunt your confidence.

29. Layered lob

Layered lob
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Source: julieisalone

If you’re looking for more volume as a hairstyle for curly hair, then adding layers to your lob is the answer.

30. Middle parted style

Middle parted style
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Source: hairstylecamp

Middle parting is a trend that is always going to stay. Middle part your hair and let your curls fall the way they like.


Curly hair needs to be worn with all the attitude and confidence you own. Our hairstyles as mentioned above offer versatility, classiness, and glamour for your curly locks. Let us know if you enjoyed the list in the comments below!

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