30 Best Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas
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30 Best Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas!

Weekly trackers are a source of immense satisfaction when it comes to ticking off exercise or appointments. This tiny habit can be motivational, can stimulate your creativity, and maintain your accountability. The primary purpose of these journals is to help you stay organized as well as productive. So, we present you 30 bullet journal spread ideas.

30 Best Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas PINS
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30 Best Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas

1. Colourful boxes for your weekly spread

Colourful boxes for your weekly spread
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Source: @plansthatblossom

This is a beautiful and colorful way to include everything you possibly need to write for your weekly journal. Be it weather, your habits, or your to-dos. This bullet journal weekly spread is simply amazing.

2. Colourful minimalist journal

Colourful minimalist journal
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Source: @bujo_cub

If you have a thing for minimalism with a hint of colours then this journal is no less than a kick for your taste. The design is simple yet effective.

3. Bujo fall theme spread

Bujo fall theme spread
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Source: @bujoandcookies

This type of bullet journal weekly spread has a spritely addition of colours and doodles which makes you want to list down all your to-dos with a cup of coffee in your hand.

4. Harry Potter themed bullet journal

Harry Potter themed bullet journal
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Source: @anouksbulletjournal

A harry potter themed journal is a total win for a potter head as filling up the spaces unde gryffindor and slytherin takes your excitement one notch up.

5. Autumn tree cycle spread

Autumn tree cycle spread
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Source: @thepalepaper

This bullet journal spread idea is a total charmer. Someone who loves autumn and the changing weather, the leaves, and the cocoa, would adore the idea of keeping a tree cycle weekly spread.

6. Acorn weekly spread

Acorn weekly spread
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Source: @bujoandcookies

The acorn weekly spread lets you go nuts with its orange and dark red leaves all over the page. A mini calendar in the corner helps you optimally organize your weekly doings.

7. Pastel fall spread

Pastel fall spread
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Source: @soosanmoo

Pastel orange colors on your weekly spread gives off an elegant and dainty touch to your diary. It’s just the perfect layout to mention all your weekly goals.

8. Large font weekly spread

Large font weekly spread
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Source: @haysjournal

This large font theme is so gorgeous that you won’t be able to have enough of it. The giant cursive letters keep the beauty of minimalism at its finest.

9. Moon themed weekly spread

Moon themed weekly spread
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Source: @wonderjournals

This is one of the best bullet journal spread ideas. It is unique, finely drawn, and gives off a creative vibe to help you stick to your weekly objectives.

10. Pumpkin layout

Pumpkin layout
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Source: @dudebujo

Who doesn’t love pumpkins for the fall? This cute pumpkin layout is perfect for the spooky season.

11. Purple ghost spread

Purple ghost spread
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Source: @kaylizaa

Cover your motivations in your journal with ghost drawings, purple highlighter, and cute quotations. Keep up with your routine with this bullet journal weekly spread.

12. Clean box bullet

Clean box bullet
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Source: @mishabuu

If you want an aesthetic bullet spread to give your bullet a nice and decent feel then you’d love this one. The best part is you won’t miss out on anything through this.

13. Boxy fall layout

Boxy fall layout
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Source: @cookyxpie

This cookie cutter themed planner is the perfect way to plan all your weekly priorities. Add a little bit of artwork here and there and you’re good to go.

14. Black and white layout

Black and white layout
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Source: @journal.it

This is bullet journal spread idea that you’re deemed to love. It’s minimal and super sophisticated as per your liking.

15. Leaf theme layout

Leaf theme layout
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Source: @lona_aalders

With the changing seasons, change your weekly planner into a leaf themed design. The light colors of trees and a touch of golden is a blessing to your eyes.

16. Detail and colours

Detail and colours
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Source: @mywhymsicallife

There’s something so adorable about light and cute colours. Use colourful pens to write your notes. It is detailed and comprises of almost everything you can think of.

17. Everything on top layout

Everything on top layout
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Source: @lynne.hastoncrafts

This layout makes you plan everything on the top of the page which leaves plenty of space at the bottom to make notes or leave quotes.

18. Circle bujo spread

Circle bujo spread
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Source: @lifebywhitney

This is one of the most creative bullet journal weekly spread ideas. It is completely different from the rest. Note all your to-do without having to adhere to any rules.

19. Weekly and Daily bullet journal

Weekly and Daily bullet journal
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Source: @c2c12rtt

This wonderful spread lets you write your weekly spread at the corner and daily spread in the center. It is a great layout to visualize your daily tasks.

20. Underwater spread design

Underwater spread design
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Source: @showmeyourplanner

Create beautiful underwater doodles and let your tasks flow with the water. It is great way to balance functionality and creativity.

21. Minimalistic with pictures

Minimalistic with pictures
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Source: @sincerely_lib

If you want your bullet journals to hold sentimental value then attach your favourite pictures to your journal. This bullet journal weekly spread idea helps you organize all your memories.

22. One page spread

One page spread
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Source: @tangledblissbujo

Want to focus on being precise? This bullet journal spread idea will cater that. This layout confines all your weekly dos in a single page instead of two.

23. Boxes for work, priority and others

Boxes for work, priority and others
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Source: @the.petite.planner

If you can’t manage all your weekly goals in one category then divide your page into three columns to separately mention your work, priorities and other goals.

24. Classic mushroom spread

Classic mushroom spread
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Source: @thuys.bujo

Want some browns in your page, then add pictures of mushroom around the page and give your journal a classy touch.

25. Vertical lines layout

Vertical lines layout
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Source: @lifebywhitney

Keep track of your pending work through this amazing bullet journal spread idea. The layout has lots of space to make your required additions.

26. Pink and feminine layout

Pink and feminine layout
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Source: @ardanastudies

Everything is pretty in pink! Give your journal a pink, feminine touch using pink highlighter and enjoy the loveliness.

27. Doodles with calligraphy

Doodles with calligraphy
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Source: @bysarah.eliz

Make attractive doodles all over your journal to make it eye-catching. This is one of the most colourful bullet journal weekly spread ideas.

28. Media journaling spread

Media journaling spread
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Source: @maryberrystudio

Let your creativity flow with this layout. Attach captivating pictures all over your journal. This will make your journal writing even more heartful.

29. Stickers and washi tape spread

Stickers and washi tape spread
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Source: @creativelyquinn

Use washi tape and stickers to make it as artsy as possible. It’s beautiful and delicate. This wonderful bullet journal weekly spread keeps you motivated to fulfill your goals.

30. Cloudy weekly journal

Cloudy weekly journal
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Source: @hayleys.bujo

For people who love rainy days, would love this remarkable design. Mention everything you plan to do in the planner during the cozy days.


Weekly spread is an awesome way to track all your objectives throughout the week. It keeps you systematic and memorizes you of all the stuff you’re supposed to be doing. Let us know if you enjoyed the list and share your views in the comments below.

30 Best Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas PINS
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