30 Best Bullet Journal Header Ideas
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30 Best Bullet Journal Header Ideas for 2021!

The best part about my school days was decorating headings in the notebooks that I miss a lot. Now I love to decorate my bullet journal with the same passion. Decorating a journal is one of the favorite activities. With the help of bullet journal heading ideas, I can decorate my journal within minutes.

If our heading is decorated beautifully then we don’t need to spend more time decorating the rest of the text. We don’t need to be an artist for making headers look splendid. These 30 header ideas for bullet journal would be enough to learn decorating headers.

30 Best Bullet Journal Header Ideas PIN
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30 Best Bullet Journal Header Ideas

1. As exciting as yellow

As exciting as yellow
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Source: @meowsjournal

The grassy green and warm yellow make your journal exciting. Have a mixing effect of cool green and warm yellow and fill your journal with style.

2. Shades of pink

Shades of pink
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Source: @meilistationery

This header has all the soft shades of pink. When I want to decorate my header in pink, I usually prefer this type of header. This bullet journal header idea is perfect to go with the fineliners.

3. Header/banner ideas

Header:banner ideas
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Source: @b.bulletjournal

Banners are the perfect way to make your header or title beautiful. Here are some easy shapes to draw banners in your journals.

4. Easy banners idea

Easy banners idea
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Source: @blushdreamsdesign

In this image, we can see very simple banners. You can see how it is easy to draw these banners if you follow these steps in the same way.

5. Acorn and its shades

Acorn and its shades
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Source: @kennsteschonlettering

If you like the color and shape of acorn then try this idea. Acorn is the most simple fruit to draw by anyone. The light and dark combination of the brown can makes your header amazing.

6. With and without banner

With and without banner
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Source: @bulletsandconfetti

Here you can see that August is written in several unique styles. Some have written inside the banner and some are written without the banner. It’s up to you which one you find easy and attractive.

7. Fancy headers

Fancy headers
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Source: @mashaplans

Here you can have all the colors in bright shades. It gives a fancy touch with less effort. For a minimalist like me, this one is perfect 

8. Rose gold with stickers

Rose gold with stickers
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Source: @bujo_diaries

Make your super graceful with rose gold and black. Another simple technique that can go perfectly with either washi tape or stickers.

9. Blue and Yellow

Blue and Yellow
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Source: @tritopus_

The contrast of dark blue and yellow is awesome. It can be seen that this header will not take your time and effort. Just a cute combination of blue and yellow decorated with alphabets from different languages. 

10. Simple banners

Simple banners
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Source: @keekmachine

Another simple idea is making these banners around your title. You can choose any of your favorite colors to make your banner simple and beautiful.

11. Only black

Only black
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Source: @bujobae_

This one simply a black header. If you are short of bullet journal supplies and only have a black pen with you then this style is best for you.

12. Black with purple

Black with purple
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Source: @stationerybean

This header is very attractive and simple. You can draw anything and fill it with purple to add some brightness to the shade of grey.

13. Banner ideas

Banner ideas
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Source: @kavya_journals

Here we have some more styles of banners. You can choose any style from here and fill it with your favorite header or title style.

14. Block and joining letters

Block and joining letters
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Source: @mixed_._life

You can see both block letters and joining letters with the shades of orange. These styles are also very simple and easy to copy.

15. Black with blue

Black with blue
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Source: @passionplanner

If you only have black and blue then this is the easy way to give your headers a perfect view.

16. Sky blue and yellow

Sky blue and yellow
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Source: @elise.studies

You can use these blue and yellow color styles for your headers with simple banner ideas. You can use Tombow markers and fill your fonts simply.

17. For the minimalists

For the minimalists
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Source: @jubithebooknerd

This style gives vibes of minimalist. If you want something easy, simple, and elegant too then this one is the best bullet journal header idea.

18. Fifty different styles

Fifty different styles
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Source: @nicolegracestudies

Here we go with 50 different styles of titles or headers with grey, peach, and light maroon color. These cool color combinations would go well in your journal.

19. Header idea for Christmas theme

Header idea for Christmas theme
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Source: @coll_journals

If you are searching for Christmas-themed bullet journal heading ideas, then this one is the appropriate one for you. Decorating the header with lights and Christmas trees will look superb.

20. Bright colorful header

Bright colorful header
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Source: @masha.plans

Turn your header from drab to fab by choosing these colors and symbols. It looks splendid and easy to make.

21. Celebrating valentines

Celebrating valentines
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Source: @pretty.and.papered

If you love to celebrate valentine’s day then this is the perfect header for February.

22. Bubble writing

Bubble writing
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Source: @craftymacaron

For the craze of bubble writing. These headers are all-time favorites for those who love bubble writing fonts. You can make your header more attractive with the banners.

23. Lovely March

Lovely March
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Source: @seed_successful_you

Decorating March with the vibes of Spring is another super awesome idea. Make your journal more flourishing with flowers and leaves.

24. Blush with pink

Blush with pink
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Source: @archerandolive.community

Make your journal fancy and attractive with blushing pink and bright yellow.

25. Grey and attractive November

Grey and attractive November
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Source: @bujobycrystal

This one is the best header style to express the season of fall. Add the beauty in your header with dry leaves and a grey window and enjoy decorating your journal.

26. Doodling with Halloween style

Doodling with Halloween style
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Source: @sophiethejournaler

You can adapt this style to the Halloween theme. The combination of blood-red will go fit with this theme.

27. Simple and easy

Simple and easy
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Source: @sketchnote_guide

This header is very easy and fabulous. For those who can’t take time out of their busy schedule, this one will go well.

28. Easy to-go idea

Easy to-go idea
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Source: @soulfulscribs

This is one of the easiest ideas to make the header beautiful. The color combination inspired by the butterfly is amazing. You can try this one also.

29. Header idea for September

Header idea for September
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Source: @crystallinethebean

An effortless yet beautiful header is here. You can also decorate September with multifarious colors to give some energy to your journal.

30. Fresh as water

Fresh as water
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Source: @bows.and.bullets

Give a vibe of freshness with blue. It looks like the header is splashed into the water. You can also see the puzzle and hanging tags. It’s up to you which is easier for you. I think for me all are perfect.


These bullet journal header ideas are so easy to adapt. You don’t need to be an artist if you want to add beauty to the journal. Just a few journal supplies would be enough to turn your journal from drab to fab. You can send pictures of your journals to motivate others.

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