Top 20 Best Home Decor DIY Ideas
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Top 20 Best Home Decor DIY Ideas!

Your home is your safe haven, and keeping it boring or too basic is something that has become orthodox. Trying to revamp your house might make you think that it’s too challenging, but really it’s not. We bring you the easiest home decor DIY ideas that can make your house fun and colourful.

Top 20 Best Home Decor DIY Ideas PIN
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Top 20 Best Home Decor DIY Ideas

1. Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair
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Source: abeautifulmess

If you want one of the coolest home decor DIY ideas, then this hammock chair does the perfect job. It won’t only become a tween corner, but any adult or kid can have a peaceful reading time in the nook. Get a large enough canvas and go creative with the colours and patterns to make it awesome.

2. Tie-Dye Pillowcases

Tie-Dye Pillowcases
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Source: kinderart

When it comes to decorating your bedroom with some easy DIY home decor ideas, then tie-dye pillowcases shouldn’t be missed. These are fun to make and always turn out super beautiful. Choose your favourite combination of colours and let them blend up to make a marvellous mess.

3. Photo Clock

Photo Clock
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Source: MelissaSextonUppercaseLiving

An enticing way to display all your photographs is through a photo clock. Show them off and enjoy your big gallery without having to spend dollars on it. It is creative, out of the ordinary, and immediately attracts all the gazes towards it. Print your photographs and exhibit them around a beautiful-looking clock.

4. Restyle your shelves

Restyle your shelves
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Source: celebratingeverydaylife

Looking at the same old boring bookshelf? Why not change it to give it a more refreshing look? Style them up differently to give them a more colourful, tiki chic, or serene look according to your liking. Add up some decoration pieces to add some intrigue and boost of colours to your shelf. Rearrange the books, and a new shelf is ready.

5. Jar Lights and Wooden Features

Jar Lights and Wooden Features
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Source: homebnc

Channelize your inner earth-lover and reset your bathroom into rustic and wooden features, with addition to mason jar lighting. It’s actually one of the best modern farmhouse looks.

6. Corner Catchall Bathroom Hub

Corner Catchall Bathroom Hub
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Source: designdazzle

Utilize all your bathroom space effectively and use your corner from top to bottom with a shelf. An easy DIY home decor allows you to arrange some metal-ended shelves as a storage space for toilet papers, towels, and other items of need.

7. DIY Painted Glass Jar

DIY Painted Glass Jar
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Source: eighteen25

Get your hands on a mason glass jar and some leftover paint to splash it with some quirky ideas. This home decoration is a little creation of beauty that is enhanced by adding flowers. Place a smaller and plain glass jar at the side with a handful of Q-tips to synchronize beauty with function.

8. Flagstone Walkway for Garden

Flagstone Walkway for Garden
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Source: diynetwork

Transform your garden walkways by laying in flagstone to make your moving around easy. This is different and gives your garden a stunning look. Try it out at home, and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with it.

9. Laid into Rock Walkways

Laid into Rock Walkways
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Source: bobvila

Change your paver in the grass with this laid in rock walkway home decor DIY idea. This will completely change the look of your front yard. Add in some lights along with the walkway to ensure the moving even easier.

10. Headboard Quotes

Headboard Quotes
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Source: diyprojectsforteens

The wonderful DIY idea is to design a headboard with some quote of your liking. This is pretty and subtle for your bedroom, which actually makes it fabulous. It is a great way to style your bedroom for easy DIY home decor to give it a more revamped look.

11. Printables to your Wall

Printables to your Wall
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Source: pishandposh

Wall art ideas always radiate a cool vibe that transforms your wall into amazeballs. People who lack plenty of time and patience on their hands should love this idea. Print the wall art designs at home and frame them for a classy display on your walls.

12. Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Mason Jar Fairy Lights
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Source: bobvila

Get a mason jar and fill it with some colourful fairy lights to light up your room at night. This will create beautiful end uber-cool effects to your bedroom.

13. Wires and Woods for Shelves

Wires and Woods for Shelves
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Source: target

Minimalism and modernism can go hand and hand with this DIY Home Decor Craft. Hang a bit of floating wooden shelves in your bathroom and place some potted plants in wire baskets.

14. Toilet Paper Bathroom Sign

Toilet Paper Bathroom Sign
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Source: Esty

Redesign your toilet space by hanging a fun signboard. While your bathroom is as safely classy as it is, throwing up this sign will give in a pleasant touch to it overall.

15. Dinnerware Display

Dinnerware Display
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Source: homedit

Arrange your dinnerware without a china cabinet through home decor DIY ideas. Even if you have a china cabinet, you’ll sure want to store it aside for this one. Create frame ladder shelves to display your dinnerware in a minimalist yet classy way.

16. Linen Closet

Linen Closet
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Source: myweeabode

Are you struggling with a linen closet in your bathroom? This easy DIY home decor idea will provide a solution. Attach some baskets to your wall to stash in extra towels and necessities for your bathroom. It doesn’t only fulfil your needs but also looks supremely eye-catching.

17. Label the Kitchen Necessities

Label the Kitchen Necessities
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Source: liagriffith

Choose your favourite font and colour to label your kitchen necessities. This will give a boost to your bottles of oil, vinegar, and salt lying on the counter. You can also get some innovative bottles to get the maximum output from the style.

18. Hang the Books

Hang the Books
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Source: ohmy-creative

Tired of the old school book rack? No problem. Create a hanging holder for books with the help of a wood, string, and felt through an amazing DIY home decor craft idea. Now, this is even more exciting for kids to get their books out and read them. What’s even better is that it even rolls up.

19. Half Painted Art

Half Painted Art
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Source: goodhousekeeping

If you’re looking for something different and interesting for DIY home decor crafts, then go for halfies on paint. Choose complementary colours and half pain, some furniture or paintings to make your living more intriguing. This will instantly change your garage-sale art into a bold color block showcase.

20. Patterned Dresser

Patterned Dresser
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Source: goodhousekeeping

Change your boring chest drawers by sprucing them up with paint and wallpaper. Get a wallpaper you like and paste it up on the drawers to give it a more cheered up vibe. You can go for a medley if you want a thriftier solution.


DIY home decor crafts are loved for their ability to be customized according to your taste and personality. Within a handful of time, you can give an amazingly creative look to your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and even garden. You don’t need any great crafting skills to ace the designs. The best part about these crafts is that all the credit goes to you!

Top 20 Best Home Decor DIY Ideas PIN
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